Membership in the Nationwide Insurance Independent Contractors Association is open to current Independent Contractor (IC) agents of the Nationwide Insurance Companies. Dues for active agents are $312 per year. Contributions to the Legal Fund are voluntary. The recommended contribution is $300 annually, but you may designate any amount in “Other.”

To join and pay by credit card, APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP ONLINE now.

To pay by check or monthly electronic funds transfer (EFT), download the NIICA Membership Application to send by mail. Download the form to your computer and fill in the required fields. Send the form with your payment or cancelled check to start an EFT to the address listed on the form.

Considering Membership? Consider these Benefits

When you consider your future as a Nationwide independent contractor, are you concerned about your revenue potential and the terms under which you will work? Are you confident you’re getting all the information you need from Nationwide? Is someone standing up for all agents when Nationwide acts in a way the association’s members find unacceptable?

Hundreds of independent contractors like you who represent Nationwide Insurance are facing these same issues. That’s why many have chosen to join the Nationwide Insurance Independent Contractors Association. NIICA is ideal for independent contractors who want an ally, an information resource, and when necessary, an advocate in a court room.

Several years ago NIICA successfully protested the implementation of agency expectations. Because of this association’s actions, Nationwide abandoned this initiative, which we considered quotas—but only after NIICA filed a complaint with the Maryland Insurance Administration.

Of course, membership in NIICA must be about more than the courtroom. Membership means you enjoy the benefits of learning how to better manage your business from those who know it best—other Nationwide independent contractors.

As one example of this information sharing, NIICA helped reverse a previously undisclosed problem involved 411 calls for Nationwide agents. In late 2010 we learned that callers to 411 in many states asking for a Nationwide agent were instead given the number for a Nationwide service center—even though the agent was paying for the directory listing. NIICA quickly provided a solution to this problem that affected hundreds of agents.

Here are some of the other benefits of membership:

  • Protection through the Legal Fund: The Request for a Declaratory Judgment is only possible because we have hundreds of agents working together as contributors to this fund.
  • NIICables: Distributed by fax and email, these new bulletins offer important news and advice on current issues affecting your business.
  • NIICA News: Published quarterly, our newsletters offers news and advice on how to better manage and market your business.
  • The Agents Roundtable: Our online forum for discussing issues and ideas.

Join now by using the form available above on this page. When joining, please also consider contributing generously to the Legal Fund. Help ensure that your rights, and your future, are protected by adding your name to the list of hundreds of others who are already members and legal fund contributors.