NATIONWIDE: That is who we represent. We are proud of this company. Yes, we have issues with the way things are done and how they make decisions at times, but when you compare them to Allstate, Farmers or State Farm, we are indeed thankful for Nationwide. We are loyal to this company and want to make them stronger as we grow stronger.

INSURANCE: This is what we are about. Sure we do other things, but providing expert insurance advice and products is our mainstay. We are a network of technologically advanced professionally run insurance sales/service offices. We inform and coach our clients to evaluate their need for risk protection products; purchasing them from us, thus establishing a mutually beneficial relationship.

INDEPENDENT: We choose our hours, our staff and our place of business. We pay our expenses and secure our clients. We are independent business men and women who pay taxes, build associations, live in a community, and live with the consequences of our decisions (good or bad). We have chosen not to be controlled by a company, and we are not employees.

CONTRACTORS: We are party to a contract with Nationwide Insurance Company, and we abide by that contract. We fully expect Nationwide to abide by the contract too, and will make every effort to require them to live by the contract we have signed. We do business with those we choose and by implication contract with other clients to service their policies. We give our clients the confidence that they know what they need to protect and to what extent it should be protected, resulting in peace of mind.

ASSOCIATION: Individually we are easily broken. Together we stand as a force not to be ignored. Because we have united as an association, we can inform every member on what the company is doing. We, as an association, are a watch dog insuring that the corporate does not take advantage of the sales force. The first priority of the company is its own interest. The association has as its priority the best interest of the individual agent, first and foremost. We honor the dignity and value of agents by working with them as a team to secure the right relationship with the company.

NIICA is Pro-Client, Pro-Agent, Pro-Company and Pro-Active!