2016 Business Meeting Dates: Providing Information, Networking, and Essential Information to Help You Succeed in these Changing Times

NIICA’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce our business meetings for 2016. Please save the dates:

NIICA #3A Fall 2015 PMS 166 outline

2016 Annual Business Meeting
September 15 – 17
The Ellis Hotel
Atlanta, GA

Registration is required, but is free for NIICA members. We’ll announce the agenda soon. Plan to arrive on Thursday for our welcome reception, followed by a full-day event on Friday, ending by 4:00 p.m. local time. (The board will meet briefly on Friday and on again on Saturday.) See details and register for this event here.

Our Objectives Are:

  • To create a professional organization from which rules, ideas, statements, papers, journals, dissertations and studies can be presented publicly for analysis, debate and resolution; and to publish those subjects that are inherent and of interest to the business pursuits of member agents and their principal.
  • To promote professionalism and ethical practice, placing service to the policyholder and public first and foremost.
  • To promote and maintain effective communication between the agent and the company.
  • To foster and encourage fellowship among agents and their families.
  • To encourage increased competence through continuous study and professional industry courses.
  • To search for ways in which career agents may enjoy unique benefits such as curtailment of agency expense, investigate sources of the most economical insurance coverages for members and recommend activities that may prove financially advantageous to the agency force.
  • To research and recommend legislative programs that may provide fair treatment of insurance consumers and Nationwide independent contractors.
  • To provide information for all members on national and local issues that are of importance to them.
  • To provide help to an incapacitated agent for the maintenance and operation of his or her agency.
  • To provide survivor administrative assistance to the family of a deceased member.
  • To assist agents with legal expenses when it is determined that they were unfairly terminated or about to be terminated without just cause.
  • To reject the concept of unionization in any form or fashion.